The open-source Outlast Framework combines client-side javascript with a model-view-controller server-side PHP interface that is a joy to use. It’s design allows a simple workflow for front- and backend development, turning chaotic code into a standardized work of art.

So what makes Outlast Framework special?

  • HTML5-friendly | client- and server-side features abound: ajax, pushstate, and other HTML5 goodies are fun to use
  • Modular plugins | modular design allows you to create (and/or use) plugins, extend, customize, and reuse them
  • Template-inheritance | a django-inspired template system with powerful template inheritance features
  • Supercool ORM | easy-to-use model and db api for simple multi-table joins and relationships
  • Content management | the optional content plugin can provide pro-level CMS features
  • Standardized | features a Rails-like convention-over-configuration philosophy for standardized, predictable code
  • Rapid development | simple APIs with limited feature sets to cover 80% of use cases
  • Caching | files and/or memcached for super-fast performance and scalability
  • Support | developed and supported by us (Outlast) while also free and open-source

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